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Reviews: The Piano in America

The MHS Review 397 VOL. 12, NO. 1 • 1988

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Lesley Valdes, The Philadelphia Inquirer, {August 24, 1987)


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Brown: Rondo in G Major; Hewitt: Yankee Doodle with Variations; Gott­schalk: Tournament Galop; Hoffman: Impromptu in C Minor; Nevin: Nar­cissus; Dett: Juba Dance; Griffes: The Fountain of the Acqua Paola; An­theil: Toccata No. 2; Thomson: Ragtime Bass. David Dubal, Piano. Reinagle: Sonata in E Major: Third Movement; Beach: Scherzino (A Peter­borough Chipmunk); MacDowell: To a Wild Rose; Gershwin: Prelude No. 2; Gould: Spiritual (from Sonatina for Piano); Cumming: Prelude in F­sharp Major; Barber: Excursion No. 4; Zaninelli: Three Infinitives for Piano ("To Begin," "To Love," "To Be"). Stanley Waldoff, Piano.

This one features 18th-century compositions: James Hewitt's "Yankee Doodle with Variations," William Brown's delightfully Mozartean Rondo, and a Sonata in Eby George Washington's acquaintance Alexander Reinagle. There are also pieces by Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Charles T. Griffes, and George Antheil, as well as now comically sentimental numbers, such as Nevin's "Narcissus." Dubai plays with gusto, Waldoff with a more deliberate grace.

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