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Reviews: Pairing of Dvorak and Mendelssohn

The MHS Review 382 Vol. 11, NO. 4 • 1987

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William Wians, "Classical Choices" South Bend Tribune 0anuary 5, 1986)


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[This release draws] on 18th-century chamber repertoire. [It] is a pairing of Dvorak (String Quartet no. 11) and Mendelssohn (Andante in E and Scher­zo in A Minor), played by the Mendelssohn String Quartet. These young performers are already acclaim­ed winners of several major awards, and are the quartet-in-residence at the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival. On this disc they play precisely and energetically, but never sacrifice grace of expression. This recording is an im­pressive debut, and their program shows off their talents well.

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