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Reviews: Mark Heter and His Brass Band

The MHS Review 397 VOL. 12, NO. 1 • 1988

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MHS Staff


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Jewell: The Old Circus Band; The Crimson Petal (Valse Caprice); Ketelbey: In a Persian Market (Descriptive Intermezzo); Lake: Old Timers·waltz; Wenrich: The Smiler ("A Joplin Rag"); Hudson: White Heat; Cupero: Honey Boys on Parade; King: Passing of the Red Man (Intermezzo); Bar­num and Bailey's Favorite; Sorensen: Trombone Sneeze (Serio Comique); Lecuona: Bolero Espanol.

Rousing, rambunctious, Heter's 11- member ensemble vividly conjures the Sunday-park and circus bands. Albert W. Ketelbey's descriptive intermezzo, "In a Persian Market," is a hoot, but most of these nimbly executed pieces by such as Fred Jewell, Karl L. King, and Mahew Lester Lake should provide pleasure. King, represented here by ''Barnum and Bailey's Favorite" and "Passing of the Red Man," was a march composer nearly as highly regarded as John Philip Sousa in his day.

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