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Reviews: Ludwig van Beethoven: Wind Music

The MHS Review 392 Vol. 11 No. 14 1987

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Charles Shere, The Tribune Calendar (August 2, 1987)


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Octet in E-flat Major, Op. 103;

Sextet in E-flat Major, Op. 71.

Classical Winds: Paul Goodwin, Clare Shanks, Oboes; Colin Lawson, Margaret Ar­chibald, Clarinets;John Hadden, Mary Knepper, Horns; Frances Eustace, Andrew Watts, Bassoons.

Here's a great pleasure: Beethoven's early, graceful, delightful wind chamber music played with care, thoughtfulness, wonderful expres­sion, and subtle virtuosity on the in­struments for which it was conceiv­ed. The result is uncannily vocal, well-bred, and pleasurable, like an in­teresting, intimate conversation on a summer evening.

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