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Reviews: Joseph Haydn: Symphonies Nos. 101-104

The MHS Review 392 Vol. 11 No. 14 1987

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King Durkee, "Strictly Classical" Copley News Service (July 1, 1987)


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Symphonies Nos.: 101 in DMajor("The Clock");

102 in B-flat Major; 103 in E-flat Major ("Drumroll");

104 in D Major ("London").

The Scottish Chamber Orchestra; Raymond Leppard, Conductor.

The Scottish Chamber Orchestra is one of the finest such ensembles in Britain and Europe. Leppard is at the forefront of conductors of this genre of music. Musical Heritage Society has issued a splendid pair of CD recor­dings from masters that earlier appeared on llCA's Erato label.

This is a very fine presentation of Haydn's last four symphonies. I recommend it highly.

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