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Reviews: Elgar: The Dream of Gerontius,

The MHS Review 389 Vol. 11 No.11 1987

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Barbara Kinsey Sable, The NATS Bulletin, (January/February 1987)


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Nicolai Gedda, Tenor; Helen Watts, Contralto; Robert Lloyd, Bass; London Philharmonic Choir; John Alldis Choir; New Philharmonia Orchestra; Sir Adrian Boult, Conductor

This performance recorded in 1975 is an excellent one, and provokes ex­citement. Gedda's English is a lesson in clarity. The diction of the chorus may be somewhat smeared by the acoustical ambiance of the hall. The choral tone quality is excellent. The performance projects excitement mainly because of attention to the dramatics by the soloists. The final chorus is oustanding. The work of the male soloists is preferable to that of Ms. Watts, who has a tendency to swallow her tone. Again, the diction of Mr. Gedda is an example for our English-speaking students.

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