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Review: Three Renaissance Masses

The MHS Review 375 Vol. 10, No. 15 • 1986

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Barbara Kinsey Sable, "Disc Discussion" The NATS Bulletin (May/June 1987)


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Jacobus Gallus, "Ich stund an einem Morgen,'' Alexander Agricola, "Missa sine nomine," Nicolas Gombert, "Je suis desheritee"; Schola Cantorum of St. Mary the Virgin, McNeil Robinson director.

The music was recorded in the church of St. Mary the Virgin in New York City by this exceptional group of singers. Dotted rhythms are done in a note worthy fashion. Throughout the melodic lines are articulated well and without over-aspiration. The Gallus mass is a happy one, and is sung in a joyous fashion. All of the works have an energy of performance that make them alive, and the performance vital. Good notes are provided on the jacket by Nancy Sartin.

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