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New Selection: Works for Piano Trio

The MHS Review 401, VOL. 12, NO. 5 • 1988

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MHS Staff


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Johanne Brahms

Piano Trio No. 1

in B Major, Op. 8

Vincent Persichetti

Parable XXIII for Piano

Violin and Cello, Op. 150

Mitchell Andrews, Piano

Neil Weintrob, Violin

Roger Malitz, Cello

Johannes Brahms utilized the piano to a far greater extent than anyone else up to that time in the larger string chamber formats: more than half of his surviving chamber works for more than two instruments make use of the piano, easily demonstrating his special penchant for that instrument. And Brahms hardly ever revised a work once it was in print. His op. 8 Piano Trio is the exception to that rule. Originally published late in 1854, Brahms revised the work and published the new version in 1891.

Parable XXIII is one of a series of parables that Vincent Persichetti wrote for various solo instruments and ensembles. It is notable to us today as the last work he heard performed before he died last year.

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