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Featured Selection: Maurice Andre plays Telemann and Torelli

The MHS Review 401, VOL. 12, NO.5 • 1988

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Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)

From Tafelmusik,

Part Two:Overture in D Major

Conclusion in D Major for Oboe, Trumpet in D,

Strings and Basso Continuo

Concerti (I & II) in D Major for Trumpet, Strings and Basso Continuo

Maurice Andre, Trumpet

Concerto Amsterdam

Ad Mater, Oboe

Jaap Schroder (Concertmaster), Jacques Holtman, Violins

Joke Vermeulen, Viola; Brian Pollard, Bassoon

Anner Bylsma, Violoncello; Gustav Leonhardt, Harpsichord

Frans Briiggen, Director

Georg Philipp Telemann was an eternally-experimenting composer. His inventiveness was never better showcased than in his three-part Tafelmusik (Table music), from part 2 of which the two pieces heard here are taken. Giuseppe Torelli, in his trumpet concerti, preferred themes based on triads and frequently cadencing caesuras. World-renowned musician Maurice Andre is a natural choice to perform these excellent examples of works written for the trumpet.

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