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Featured Selection: Excerpts from the works of Der Schauspieldirektor Prima la musica e poi le parole

The MHS Review 401, VOL. 12, NO.5 • 1988

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Wolfgang A. Mozart

Der Schauspieldirektor,


Singspiel in One Act

Libretto by Gottlieb Stephanie, Jr.

Sinfonia: Presto; No. 1: D;t schlagt die Abschiedsstunde; No. 2: Bester Jungling; No. 3: Ich bin die erste Sangerin; No. 4: Jeder Kiinstler strebt nach Ehre

Madame Herz: Magda Nador

Mademoiselle Silberklang: Krisztina Laki Monsieur Vogelsang: Thomas Hampson Buff: Harry van der Kamp

Solo in

Schlussgesang: Nikolaus Harnoncourt

Antonio Salieri

Prima la musica e poi le parole

Operetta in One Act

Libretto by Giambattista Casti

Sinfonia: Allegro con brio; Scene 1, No. 1: Signor Poeta mio; Scene 2, Nos.: 3: Non dubitar, verro; 4: La tu vedrai chi sono; 6: Cari oggetti; Scene 5, Nos.: 10: Via largo, largo, largo; 11: Cucuzze! Che concorso; Last Scene, No. 13: Se questo mio pianto ii cor non ti tocca-Per piet:l, padrona mia

Maestro: Robert Holl

Poeta: Thomas Hampson

Donna Eleonora: Roberta Alexander Tonina: Julia Hamari

These days, when the sights and sounds of the movie Amadeus are still fresh in our memories, it is interesting to find, together on one recording, works by the two subject composers. It becomes even more interesting, however, when we know the story behind the composition and first performance of these works, which is elaborated for us on page 24.

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