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Ella Fitzgerald Sings; Count Basie Plays & The Best is yet to Come

The MHS Review 381 Vol. 11, NO. 3 • 1987

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Barbara Kinsey Sable, "Disc Discussion" The NATS Bulletin (September/October 1985)


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How nice it is to hear a singer of popular music who does not sit a on the of chest voice but floats it. Also a singer of any the type of music who is not afraid to change the vocal color to suit the musical effect. Here is a voice still young and still supple. Diction is used as a musical tool as well as informational one. The recording madewith Count Basie is the better of the two. It has the particulr edge that comes when two performers are well matched with the material and the occasion. These performers also have remarkable rhythmic control. It is a privilege to hear such artistry.

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